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Meet the Team

If you run out of business questions,
ask the team to share something about themselves
over a coffee or wine ...

Tracey Floyd CA

Ask Tracey about:
Growing up on the North Shore in the '80s.
Her first business venture at 19.
10+ years living on the sunny Gold Coast, manufacturing and selling kites!
Her 15+ years’ experience as an Accountant in a 70-staff accountancy firm, and as a Financial Controller.
Last week’s fishing success (or the one that got away?)
“My personal experience in starting up small businesses really helps me understand and relate to my clients - I know how important cash-flow is, and how many hats you have to wear as a small business owner! 

I’ve experienced the highs and lows that come with being in business, and love the satisfaction and freedom it also brings.

I have a good range of work experience - working in marketing, commercial bank lending, and project managing creative teams - all of which helps me help small business owners.”

Carmen Hui CA

Ask Carmen about:
His 20+ years' as an Accountant ­ CEO and CFO of an Auckland Retail Boutique Chain.
Anything IT and Payroll related.
How the boys last hockey game went.
What his dream car is.
"I love all things technical especially computers and information systems. I have experience in and across many accounting platforms as well as implementing them into various businesses.

With my extensive knowledge of various accounting systems I have also had the experience in producing data and reports to help businesses grow through marketing, websites and various social media platform."